Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bring it On!!

Ok ladies, lets tear it up!! Whats in your spice rack is a blog I created to get ideas from everyday women about cookin! We all have our "favorites" that we like to cook or those, "fast and easy" meals. Why not share them and multiply what we have over and over again! Good idea right? I want everyone to contribute! If you are interested in sharing your "Secrets" or not so secrets. Leave a message with your email address and lets get this party started!


  1. Hey this is a great idea, I'm just not sure who this is...

  2. Okay, I'm going to get it together and post a recipe. I just need to make and and take a picture! I'm so stressed out about that...sometimes the things I make taste good but don't always look so pretty! :) Happy Cooking!!!

  3. I would love to get in on this! I can't promise that I cook all that often, but I have a couple things I love and love to share good ideas, and most importantly love to learn new stuff! Do you have my email?